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Important Information Applying to St. Leonard’s

St. Leonard
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Applying to St. Leonard

Admission Criteria

  • St. Leonard’s Home provides supportive housing and personal care services for adults over age 62 for whom it is no longer safe to live alone as determined by a physician, the family and/or the resident.

  • Potential residents must be ambulatory and able and willing to come for common meals.
  • We are unable to accept persons who are wheelchair dependent because of the architecture of the Home.
  • All potential residents must be pre-assessed by the Director or her designee to ensure that the Home can provide adequate care for the person.
  • Room rates are based on room amenities. If an appropriate room is not available at the time of application, applications are kept for six months and the contact person notified when an appropriate room becomes available.
  • A resident is issued a 30 day notice when, as determined by the Director of St. Leonard’s Home, a healthcare provider, the Area Agency on Aging, the resident and/or the Power of Attorney, he/she:

    • can no longer be safely cared for in our facility;
    • is a threat to other residents and/or staff;
    • has not kept house rules, including payment of all funds owed;

    The Director will be available to assist the resident to find other services and care.

The Application Process

Application for admission to St. Leonard’s Home includes the following process:

  1. Submission of a complete application, including proof of income/ assets and a photocopy of front and back of all medical insurance cards.
  2. Completion of application for pharmacy services at Forest Hills Pharmacy, St. Michael’s. Pa. New paper copies of all prescriptions, including over the counter medications, are needed for the pharmacy prior to move in. We can use up current medications if they match the prescriptions.
  3. Submission of two medical evaluations on state approved forms. Any additional pages must be signed and dated by the physician.
  4. An ambulance agreement with Hollidaysburg Ambulance Service is suggested and is the responsibility of the resident or POA.
  5. All residents must have a designated contact person to make health care decisions (Health Care Power of Attorney), and should have a general Power of Attorney, particularly if the resident is unable, physically or mentally, to handle his/her own finances or sign legal documents.
  6. Information needed at the time of death should be on file for all residents. A form will be given to the family to fill out whatever information is available.
  7. Once a room is available for the resident, a contract will be signed after being reviewed by the resident and the POA. A copy of the contract will be given to the POA and the resident.
  8. Each resident can bring in no more than 10 sets of seasonal clothing, all of which must be marked. This can be done in indelible ink or name tags can be purchased for sewing or ironing in the clothing. Any towels, sheets or bedding that are brought in must also be marked.
  9. An inventory sheet will be available for any personal items of worth that a resident brings in, and this should be updated as needed.
  10. You will receive a resident handbook which clearly states our house rules and practices.
  11. Application for the SSI Boarding Home Supplement is made through Blair Senior Services once a resident is in personal care. We assist with applications for the VA Aid & Attendance for qualified veterans or widows of veterans.

Whew! That seems like a lot but we work through all this together and try to make the transition to care in our facility as seamless and stress-free as possible. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the process, the facility or the care your loved one may receive.

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